Samsung galaxy M01 A Modern smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S has gained high popularity in the market with its sleek metal body and advanced features. It is also equipped with many advanced tools that makes it different from other mobiles. If you wish to buy Samsung Galaxy S for yourself, there are various ways through which you can do so. There are several stores both online and offline that sell handsets at highly discounted rates. samsung galaxy m01

India is one place that has gained a lot from the marketing strategies employed by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy M01 has met with huge success owing to the various connectivity options it offers to the users. The Samsung Galaxy S allows users to access all their favourite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as access email, browse the internet, watch videos, music and games, chat and video calls from any location. Apart from this it also comes with a few connectivity options like the famous free FM radio called Aspen. This handset comes with the famous Samsung fm radio which has received rave responses from all across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S comes with two primary cameras namely the standard size primary camera as well as the pocket camera. In the Samsung Galaxy M01, the size of the primary camera is reduced to make it more compact and also has a better clarity. The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a very powerful imaging chip called the Exmor P, which helps in taking excellent shots. The Samsung Galaxy M01 has also got an inbuilt image stabilization system called image slap. This helps in reducing the chances of photo blurring, when you take photos in tough conditions.

There is a unique dual screen feature present in the Samsung Galaxy S. This allows the users to use the touch screen to scroll through the different applications. Moreover the Samsung Galaxy S allows the users to use the phone like a tablet by accessing the applications through the keyboard. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy S also comes with some unique features like the Air Gesture feature, in which the user can activate the feature by pressing the home key twice. This allows the user to control the volume, view the time and date and get the email information. The Samsung Galaxy S also features a unique dual video output port, which can be used for watching YouTube videos and movies.

In Samsung Galaxy S, the users get a five megapixel main camera with LED lights, a fifteen megapixel secondary camera as well as a six megapixel front-facing camera. Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy S has a unique aspect ratio that runs android 10.2, which allows the device to function better on the low-end of the spectrum. This aspect ratio was first introduced by the HTC Desire HD, which was another mid-budget smartphone. With the help of the Samsung Galaxy S and its powerful specifications, the mid-budget market will once again become a popular place for manufacturing devices.

Samsung Galaxy S has a unique user interface that is unique to the devices manufactured by Samsung. This unique user interface enables the users to enjoy a rich variety of features. This is evident from the presence of a media player, a browser, a games console, a Bluetooth headset along with the usual facilities like the USB storage, the micro USB and the SIM tray. This amazing aspect ratio powered by a quad-core snapdragon 439 processor, allowing the users to enjoy the best of what the modern mobile phones can offer. Along with this, Samsung Galaxy S has a sixteen megapixel camera that enables the users to take high quality photographs and videos. The Samsung Galaxy S has a unique twenty-five megapixel image sensor along with four filters such as the contrast filter, the saturation filter and the blue light filter.

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