Interactive Cat Toys – Keep Your Cat Entertained

Since the first cat toy was conceptualized, there has been a lot of development regarding items for entertainment for your cats. These days, there are interactive cat toys that promise an exciting experience not just for the cat, but for the cat owner as well.

So, whether you have a kitten or a fully grown cat, do not miss on the opportunity of purchasing an interactive toy for it.

A common game for cats is a coil that forms a tunnel that the cat can get in and out from. Cats would enjoy running inside it. Sometimes, they can act and play like they are stalking. It will be more enjoyable for the cat if you can play with it. You can act as its prey and let it stalk you while it walks or crawls in that tunnel.

Since type of toy can get your cat trapped inside, it is essential that you do not leave it alone while playing with the certain toy. Also, on their own, they can be bulky and dangerous if left displayed around the house. So, when choosing products like this one, make sure that you get the foldable one for you to be able to take it into storage and occupy a very small space. But aside from being a toy, these tunnels can act as sleeping quarters for your cat. To make it more comfortable, you can lay blanket underneath and a pillow beside your cat.

There are also wobbly toys that will be perfect to provide the right animation for your cat to play with. These toys are usually made of soft, sometimes, rubbery materials that spring back and forth when started into motion. Most cats are interested with this kind of toys. You become involved in the play by making sure that the toy is kept in motion. Scratch and Purr

You may also create toys for your pet. The easiest one will be the mouse. Since an electronic version might be too complex for you, you can make one that is tied to a string. Your mouse’s body can be made from clean cloth. For this material, you can simply take out one or two of your old, but clean, socks and fold and roll them to form a round item that will resemble a mouse.

Then, you may sew the ends together to ensure that the shape will not be disturbed. You will get the string and also tie or sew it in front of your “mouse”. You can draw a mouth, a nose, whiskers, eyes, and ears if you would like to. Now, you can ready to play. You will drag the “mouse” and tease your cat with it.

Another toy that you can make is a rod and reel with a toy fish at the end. This activity will likewise tease your cat and make it reach the fish. This can be less strenuous as the toy that involves the mouse as you can play with your cat while you are just sitting down. You can simply hold the rod present it to your cat.



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