How to Update PC Drivers

Many people do not understand how important having the right driver installed can be. Drivers are the “instructions” that your hardware uses to run at optimal performance.

If you are missing a driver, or you have the wrong driver installed, there are probably some issues you are noticing. The issue will depend on what driver you are missing, but here are some examples.

Missing video card driver- The most common thing people notice when they are missing a video driver is that the colours look very faded and all the icons and taskbar menus appear “jumbo-sized”. This is because your hardware is operating in its’ most primitive state and can not display the higher resolutions until it has the driver installed.

Missing audio driver- The symptom of this is very obvious, and that is your computer has no sound. Additionally, if you have the wrong driver installed, you may get some sound, but it may appear garbled or the volume will be very low.

Missing usb driver- Your usb devices will likely not be detected when you plug them into the port.

Hard disk driver- Your drive will be undetected or will run at sub-optimal settings. You may also not have the full access to all your storage.

As you can see, the two most common things that can happen when you don’t have the required drivers installed are:

1. Your devices will not run at all.

2. Your devices will run, but not like they are supposed to. Clackmann Weather

One last thing that drivers can do is give your hardware additional features. For instance, when I bought my new keyboard it had many extra keys along the top row that I could use to control my volume and hotkey programs.

When I plugged the device in, Windows installed a basic keyboard driver. While I could type, and all the regular keys worked normally, I did not have access to the extra keys until I installed the proper driver for my keyboard.

The question you must be asking now is: Why can’t Windows just download my drivers automatically.

The answer? It does. Well, for the most part anyways. But even Windows isn’t perfect, and unless the company that makes your hardware supplies Microsoft with the link for all the device drivers, Windows will not know where to find it.



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