How to Build Effective High Page Rank Backlinks – 5 Tips for Backlinking

Backlinks suggest ‘trust’ and ‘respectability’ – that… in the form of a backlink directed to your website will help raise your website up the search engine rankings.

Let us explain the value of ‘High Page Rank Backlinks’ (known as PR). Google have attributed a Page Rank to every website and web page. New websites tend to have no PR, until their next update, which varies with Google. In the past the updates have been every three months, but more recently the updates have been less frequent. However to their credit they now tend to value a website immediately if backlinks are found aiming at a site; and the 3 month updates are seen as less important.

To get a backlink from a PR 0 web page has value, but not as much as a PR 1. Following that principle a Page Rank 2 has more vale than a PR 1 and so on… Page rank 3,4 and 5 are pretty popular around the web, page rank 6,7 and 8 are few and far between; page rank 9 and 10 are almost impossible to get a backlink from.

Some adverts claim that they can get a link from a PR 9 site, don’t be mistaken here and think that your link will be a PR 9, the value of the link is determined by the PR of the web page not the home page of the website. Although we can say a page rank of 0 from a PR9 site has more leverage than a PR0 from a PR1 home page. 구글광고대행

So high PR is basically a measure of trust. More trust will equal a higher search engine position. So it is imperative that you aim for quality backlinks.

Now you know the basic facts of High Page Rank we can give you five tips on getting quality backlinks.

First you’ll need 3 browser extensions (Mozilla Firefox being the preferred browser for SEO purposes).

1. Use a tool called SEO Quake that is an ‘add-on’ for your browser; just Google it or put ‘firefox addons’ into the search box. This tool will show you the PR of the inner webpages.

2. Also whilst you’re getting the first ‘Firefox addon’ get a ‘Page Rank Display’ as well. There are several to choose from and they show the PR of the page you are viewing in your browser.

3. You’ll also need the ‘SEO Quirk’ toolbar extension to show you whether the links you can obtain are going to be ‘nofollow’ or ‘dofollow’. DoFollow are the type of links you need as these count better with search engines. NoFollow links are more for getting a little traffic as people click on the backlink to research further.



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